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Wrestle Association R
Wrestle And Romance
Acronym WAR
Founded 1992
Defunct 2006
Headquarters Japan
Founder(s) Tenryū Gen'ichirō

WAR was a puroresu organization founded by Tenryū Gen'ichirō in 1992 after the closing of SWS. It was originally "Wrestle And Romance" but was later renamed "Wrestle Association R".

Most of the original members were from the "Revolution" stable in SWS.



After SWS closed, one of its three stables "Revolution" opened a new organization with the first card on 1992/7/14 at Kōrakuen Hall in Tokyo.[1] WAR continued to be financially supported by Megane Super and work with WWF. Soon, Tenryū was able to establish his own direction with the new company.

Just two months after its first card, WAR had an interpromotional card with New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Han-Senshukai Dōmei on 1992/9/15 at Yokohama Arena.[1] This would lead to another feud with New Japan's main group. Tenryū had the first singles match in more than six years against long-time rival and friend Chōshū Riki on 1993/1/4 at Tōkyō. On 1994/1/4, again at Tōkyō Dome, Tenryū defeated Antonio Inoki to become the only Japanese wrestler in the history to pin both his shishō Giant Baba and Inoki.

After the feud with New Japan, WAR continued to diversified itself by working with other organizations such as FMW, UWF International, and LLPW.

Through the working relationships with other promotions, Tenryū had some historic matches including a death match against Ōnita Atsushi in 1994 and two singles matches against Takada Nobuhiko in 1996.

Within WAR, several stables were created for the internal feuds, most notably the Fuyuki-gun, which consisted of Fuyuki Kōdō as the leader, Jadō, and Gedō.

WAR also had the first six-man tag team championship in Japan.

Despite the interesting feuds, new ideas, and attempts to create the new main eventers, WAR was one-man promotion for Tenryū after all. In 1994, Tenryū would step down as the company president and appoint his brother-in-law Takei Masatomo. This caused conflict within the company, and Ishikawa Takashi left the organization and started Tokyo Pro-Wrestling. On 1996/10/28, all Fuyuki-gun members left WAR.[1]

In 1998, WAR announced the termination of the contracts with all of its wrestlers, who would continue to work on the WAR-promoted cards until 2000/7. Around this time, Tenryū rejoined All Japan and brought several WAR wrestlers with him.

WAR officially had the final card (the first card in six years) on 2006/7/27 at Kōrakuen Hall.[1]



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