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Ring name(s) Hayabusa
Darkside Hayabusa
Ezaki Eiji
Real name Ezaki Eiji
Billed height 183 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Billed weight 102 kg (220 lb; 16.1 st)
Born 1968/11/29 (1968-11-29) (age 47)
Yatsushiro, Kumamoto
Shishō Tarzan Gotō
Debut 1991/5/5
Retired 2001/10/22 (suffered career-ending injury)

Ezaki Eiji (江崎 英治?) is a former Japanese professional wrestler better known as the masked Hayabusa (ハヤブサ?), who competed primarily for Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling.



Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (1991–1993)

After graduating from Kumamoto Commerce University, Ezaki Eiji and his classmate Honda Masashi joined FMW in 1991 and began training in the promotion's dōjō. Ezaki would make his debut on 1991/5/5 at the Nagoya International Center. He would later form the Kyūshū Express with Mr. Gannosuke. In 1993, Ōnita Atsushi, seeing potential in Ezaki, decided to send him on an overseas excursion of North America.

North American Excursion (1993–1995)

Ezaki adopted the Hayabusa gimmick in 1993 while in Mexico. In Mexico, he would learn the lucha libre style from wrestling instructor Rey Misterio Sr. He then returned to Japan to face Jūshin Thunder Liger in a well-received first round match during the first Super J Cup tournament. In Mexico, he wrestled for the World Wrestling Association, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

Between 1995/1 and 1995/4, Hayabusa would wrestle in the United States, mainly in the Florida area.

Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (1995–2001)

Upon his return to FMW in 1995/5, Hayabusa has wrestled very dangerous matches, involving barbed wire and explosives. After one "Exploding Cage" match, he was rushed to the hospital due to severe burns. Hayabusa's rivals included Mr. Gannosuke, The Gladiator, and Ōnita himself, while he would frequently team with Shinzaki Jinsei. Hayabusa occasionally altered his character to the "Darkside Hayabusa" or the maskless "H".

In 1997/2, Hayabusa announced that he wanted to challenge All Japan Pro-Wrestling's Kobashi Kenta. Ōnita went to meet his shishō Giant Baba to request him to book Hayabusa on All Japan cards. Starting from the "'97 Champion Carnival" tour, Hayabusa teamed with Shinzaki on All Japan cards. The team also participated in All Japan's annual "Real World Tag Team League" in 1997.

Hayabusa wrestled one match in Extreme Championship Wrestling at ECW Heatwave '98. He and Shinzaki Jinsei challenged and lost to Rob Van Dam and Sabu for the ECW Tag Team Championship.

In 2001/10, Hayabusa suffered an injury during a match against Mammoth Sasaki while attempting a springboard moonsault. His foot slipped through the middle rope and caught the underside of it after bouncing from the bottom rope, and he landed on his head, paralyzing him. The injury also provoked a very high fever and Hayabusa required surgery.

Because of the financial situation, FMW closed down in 2002/2.

Wrestling Marvelous Future (2002–2004)

After FMW shut down, Hayabusa and some of the former FMW wrestlers formed Wrestling Marvelous Future on 2002/8/28. However, Hayabusa and GOEMON left WMF in 2004. The promotion had its last card on 2008/8/31.


In the meantime, Ezaki has been pursuing a career as a singer/actor and usually appears in a wheelchair.

When asked about his career in an interview, Hayabusa said that you never know what the chances are of a return to the ring. He is also making progress with his condition, now being able to walk.

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