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User account is required to create and edit the articles.

These are some basic instructions for creating/editing pages. For more detail, visit MediaWiki Help:Editing.

Please maintain to use the format yyyy/m/d for all the dates in the pages you are creating/editing.

How to create a new page

New pages are created by creating a link for them, and a link is created by putting a pair of brackets - [[ and ]] - around the name of the page.

becomes puroresu

With default setup, links to pages which have not yet been created are colored RED. Clicking on them takes you to the edit screen for the page, and you can immediately create the content for the page.

You can also make a new page simply by searching for it. Look for the "There is no page titled ":[pagename]" text when you search by the (new) page name, and click on the page name to edit the new page.

How to upload an image

Below the search box on the left side of the screen, there's a section called toolbox, which includes an option to Special:Upload.

Next, click on the browse tab, and find the image you'd like to upload from your hard drive.

The picture will be uploaded under the name you saved on your computer. If you'd like to call it something else, you can change the name in the Destination File box. You can also leave a note to explain the picture to everyone who uses the system.

Once you're all set, click "Upload File". It may take a little time if you have a large file or a slow connection.

Once the file is uploaded, you can add it to any page. If you'd like to add it to a profile, just type the file name next the Image= line. If you're using it elsewhere, you link to it almost the same way you'd link to a page.


Links to Yoshimura Michiaki.jpg.

You just need to include "Image:" in front of the file name to make it an image. Make sure your spacing and capitalization is correct, because wiki is extremely picky. (If your link does not work, it will show up in red text, like File:Yoshimura_Michiaki.jpg).

You can also add a separate box with an image and caption.

[[Image:Yoshimura_Michiaki.jpg|thumb|left|"Fireball Kid" Yoshimura Michiaki]]
shows the box seen on the left (you can use "right" or "left", depending on to which side you want to align the box).
"Fireball Kid" Yoshimura Michiaki

How to use the profile template

Personalities: wrestlers, executives, etc.

Please do not create pages for the wrestlers who have never wrestled in Japan unless they have had significant influence in the country.

Main article: Template:Infobox_wrestler

Organizations, promotions, companies

Please do not create pages for the organizations/promotions that have had no working relationship with Japanese groups.

Main article: Template:Infobox_promotion

How to create a redirect

Redirects are actually very tiny pages, with one magic word - #REDIRECT - and one link. The information automatically redirects to the page you specify. For example, the content of the page "JWA" has:

#REDIRECT [[Japan Pro-Wrestling Association]]

and automatically takes you to Japan Pro-Wrestling Association.

You can redirect to any page, but you can not redirect to a category or another redirect (double redirects; see a list of those on the Special:DoubleRedirects page).